Manhattan is an American television series that premiered on July 27, 2014, on WGN America, and currently contracted for 13 episodes. It is the second original series, after Salem, for the network. While historical figures are referenced, the show is not intended to maintain historical accuracy.


Set in 1943 at the time of The Manhattan Project, the series focuses on a New Mexico town the outside world knows nothing about. The federal government tells the scientists only what they need to know, while the scientists keep secrets from their families.


Name Occupation Actor/Actress
Frank Winter Lead Scientist John Benjamin Hickey
Liza Winter Housewife Olivia Williams
Charlie Isaacs Scientist Ashley Zukerman
Abby Isaacs Housewife Rachel Brosnahan
Callie Winter Daughter Alexia Fast
Glen Babbit Scientist Daniel Stern
Sid Liao Scientist Eddie Shin
Louis 'Frits' Fedowitz Scientist Michael Chernus
Paul Crosley Scientist Harry Lloyd
Jim Meeks Scientist Christopher Denham
Helen Prins Scientist Katja Herbers

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