Charlie Isaacs
Age: N/A
Occupation: Scientist
Isaacs Family
Season: 1
Episodes: 13
Work Location: P.O. Box 1663
Actor: Ashley Zukerman

Charlie Isaacs is a scientist within the Manhattan project.

Behind the ScenesEdit



"Charlie Isaacs is the newest member of the team at Los Alamos. Growing up, two qualities set young Charlie apart: his obsession with numbers, and his conscience. In college, he distinguished himself as one of the rarest talents the Harvard physics department had ever seen. Not only was Cambridge the birthplace of his budding scientific career, but it was also where his personal life began to blossom, falling in love with Abby, the future Mrs. Isaacs. At 26, he wrote a theoretical pa. per which sent shockwaves through the field. (Only

one journal rejected him—the science review at Princeton, edited by Frank Winter, who sent Charlie a one-sentence typed note: “Your approach isn’t new.”) That Spring, he became the youngest winner of the coveted Forbes Prize in physics. "

Official description



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